Kindness with Lemons – A Not So Sour Gift

This it just a little story I wanted to share with you all.

When I first heard this, my heart broke, but then was filled with bundles of Gratitude and Joy.

This story involves someone special to me who works in an Old Folks home, and it shows how much the little things in life can bring the biggest joys!

So one day my friend is at work and she goes in to have a chat and a cup of tea with one of the men in the home. He is around 90 years old. My friend likes to personally make the tea for the person she is sitting and chatting with that afternoon. So she asks him how he likes his tea.

He replies that he normally has it black with no sugar. He then tells her that before he came into the old folks home he would always have his black tea with a lemon slice in it, but he has not had his tea like that – or in fact seen a lemon at all – since he arrived in the old persons home; 7 years ago! He sadly tells my friend how much he misses it and how much he misses his life before living in the old folks home.

While listening to the old man talk, my friend remembers she has a mate that has an overflowing lemon tree in their backyard. So after her shift finishes, she drives over to their house and collects a lemon from their tree.



The next day she comes into work and goes to visit the old man in his room, where she tells she has a present for him. She then produces the lemon, which upon seeing, the old man breaks out into huge smile and his tears flow freely.

From this day, my friend brings this lovely man a lemon at least once a week so he can have his favourite black tea with its slice of lemon.

It just shows that even the smallest of things can create immense Joy. By reaching out to each other, we can help make the world a truly joyful place, one kind deed at a time.


I guess when life hands us lemons, we really can turn it into lemonade… or even some sweet black tea!

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Reply August 14, 2016

This story touched me. We can do little things for others and lift them up. We lift ourselves up in the process.

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