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grace the gratitude butterfly

Welcome to The Gratitude Butterfly; a special nook that is open 24/7 for you to come and infuse your mind, body and soul with positive uplifting energy. A place to be inspired to share your Gratitude to the Universe for all the Love, Grace and Beauty around you every day.

Gratitude is such a powerful tool to have in your tool box for life. It is a key game changer in transforming your life from mediocre to truly mind-blowing amazing! Here at the Gratitude Butterfly our mission is to help you know + understand this incredible tool and to help you utilize all the power it contains to create the life you desire.

Our focus here at The Gratitude Butterfly is to live a grateful life in balance and harmony with the world around us everyday. We believe that by living with a grateful heart and mind we are helping to create the Positive Butterfly Effect.  That one moment of Gratitude has a flow on effect that can ripple on and on, covering all of the earths surface, helping to heal and inspire all in its path.

The beautiful souls that live life with a great heart we call GratiDudes and by being here, looks like you are one of them, or at least wanting to learn about becoming one! Either way, we are so thankful that you are with us today here at The Gratitude Butterfly. So stay awhile, look around, be inspired to nourish your Mind, Body and Soul. Fill your entire being with love, laughter, insight and Gratitude for all of life’s wonder!

Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with Love, Grace and Gratitude

Denis Waitley


Namasté Beautiful!

This is just a quick note to say hi and to introduce myself, the gal behind the creation of The Gratitude Butterfly.

I created this space to share with you all this powerful tool called Gratitude. For many years I was feeling very unsatisfied with my life and  then one day I decided enough was enough. As the saying goes – I chose to turn on the light, instead of cursing the dark. Gratitude has become a natural part of my life, just like eating and breathing. Gratitude has changed my thinking, which has then in turn changed my life. Which is why I created this nook, to share this beautiful way of living. A life of being #beautifullygrateful .

With Love & Gratitude,

Em xx

As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily. The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world

Terri Guillemets