A Beautiful Morning Routine

For years mornings were such a drag. I was a stumbling out of bed like a disgruntled zombie, angry at how rude my alarm was for waking me up. (Back in the day the alarm clock would have gotten thrown across the room; which is far less likely now-a-days as the alarm is usually on a mobile phone, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to keep buying a new one on the daily…) My mornings were all rush, stress and little to none breakfast; and I would take this energy into the rest of the day. Not great. But over time, (I admit this was not an overnight change) I started to realise this was not how my mornings should be. I should be waking up and enjoying my life, not growling at it and blaming it for another Monday, and me being dragged from my warm cosy bed. So I decided to change my morning routine into something I love. I turned it from a time of grizzles and punishment to a time of joy and nourishment. Mornings are a time of dawning’s, fresh blank pages and nurturing the soul after a night of rest. So why not create a morning routine that reflects this, in a Beautiful Morning Routine. ♥

morning routine - gratitude butterfly

❁ Wake up with a smile and positive thought ❁


As soon as you are waking up paste a smile onto your face and think a positive thought. When you smile, you activate the neural messages in your brain that make you feel happy and healthy. The science behind smiling is amazing (seriously google the science of smiling!) and if you are waking up next to someone, well remember that smiling is contagious! Also did you know we have 600,000+ thoughts every day? That is quite a fair few! So why not start off your daily thoughts with a positive one. I personally love having my first thought to be: ‘Good morning Beautiful. Good Morning Sun and Rain.


☼ Have a glass of Warm Water ☼


This one is so simple yet so refreshingly delicious and there are so many ways to dress up your water if you find the taste a bit bland. Here is my top 3 favourites:

  • Warm water with a good squeeze of fresh Lemon juice.
  • Warm water with 1/3 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, good squeeze of lemon. 
  • Warm water with ½ tsp of Celtic Sea Salt.


✧ Do ABHYANGA  – aka: A Beautiful Full Body Massage ✧

Abhyanga is a beautiful daily treatment that comes from the classical ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda. This is a massage you give to yourself with love. It connects you to your body and helps to invigorate and wake up your body’s energies. It is traditionally done using oil, and you massage your entire body gently and with love. (fun tip: When you have done one arm, sit a moment and feel the difference between the arm that has been massaged and the arm that has not. It is amazing!)

A few Benefits of Abhyanga are:

  • Nourishes & moisturises your whole body
  • Calms your nerves
  • Grounds you into your body
  • Moves the lymph, helping to detox the body
  • Helps in eliminating toxins from the body
  • Stimulates the internal organs of the body


affirmations morning routine

Say those Affirmations!


Now the energy in your body is awake and moving from your massage, it is the perfect time to put lots of positive energy into your body/mind. There are so many fabulous affirmations out there; go out, research them and find ones that truly resonate and inspire you.

Here is a few I love to say:

  • I deeply and completely Love, Accept and Respect myself.
  • I allow all I desire and need to flow to me with Love, Abundance, Ease and Grace.
  • I allow change with Love, Light, Ease and Grace.
  • I am a Beautiful Being of Pure Light. I radiate and shine with Love, Peace, Abundance, Beauty, Wellbeing and Joy.
  • I open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life with Love, Light, Ease and Grace.


Make the bed

I love having my bed made. Bit geeky I know, but the feeling of having the bed all tidy and ready for when I float into it again that night, really sets me up for the day. I remember reading years ago that people who make their beds in the morning accomplish more in the day than people who don’t. (Don’t quote me on that, but whether that is true or not, it still sounds good to me!)


Move that Booty! 

morning routine walk

I always find that after my massage + affirmations my body really wants move. It wants to stretch and bring all this beautiful morning energy into my muscles. How you move your body is up to you. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

  • A Yoga Session
  • Get those runners on and get out in nature for a Walk/Run
  • A glorious swim
  • Grab the helmet and go for a bike ride
  • Pilates (sorry… not Pie and Lattes… that comes later!)
  • Hit that Gym

And my personal favourite:

  • Literally shake that booty in a homemade dance session!


 ● Eat a Wholesome Breakfast ●

breakfast routine gratitude butterfly  breakfast morning routine  morning routine breakfast

This might seem like a bit of a duhhh moment, but you would be surprised how many people do not eat a nourishing breakfast or completely skip breakfast all together! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I have such love for breakfast that just thinking about it brings a smile onto my face when I wake up!  When you type into google, ‘Breakfast Ideas’, 141,000,000 results come up, so there is bound to be something out there to tickle your fancy. Now is the time to nourish your body and fuel yourself for the day. Also it isn’t just what you eat, that is important, it is the whole breakfast experience. Have a think about what you are eating, where you are eating, the energy around this moment, how you feel afterwards etc.

Here is an example of my breakfast time.

I will prepare one of my favourite dishes; eg. Semolina Porridge, Oat Porridge, Avocado on toast, Scrambled or Poached eggs (to name a few!), A piece of fruit (I am currently loving passion fruit! YUM!), a coffee or cup of tea. I will then put this on my breakfast tray and either eat it outside on the patio (if nice weather) or if it is a grizzly day, I will take it back to bed and snuggle up and eat it there. On days when I have time, I will read a magazine that inspires me or listen to uplifting music while I eat. (side note: Remember to give thanks for your meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.)

Check out this article on saying thanks for your food.


This is just an idea of what you could be doing for a Beautiful Morning Routine. You can give and take, and edit it to your heart’s desire. And of course, sometimes you are in a rush, or you have little ones running around (bless them and their sticky fingers!) and to do a routine like this one isn’t plausible; and that is fine! The point of this is to start your day with Joy and Love for yourself. If you are run off your feet and zipping around like a fly on Red Bull, no stress. Why not make it simple. Take one second to look at yourself in the mirror and say; “You are beautiful. You are going to have a great day. Let’s do this!”

Whatever your morning routine is; I hope it is a beautiful one full and has a moment spent in Gratitude. If you have a beautiful morning routine, please share it below, or feel free to email us, as we would love to hear about it!


“When you start each day with a Grateful heart, Light illuminates from within.”

– Source Unknown

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Reply April 28, 2016

Such a nice read. I am definitely a morning person. I love starting my day by reading a few pages in a new book. It always puts in a better mindset that watching TV or checking email ever could. And I'm with you on drinking some water first thing in the morning. However, you will never find me drinking warm water. If it's not ice cold I won't drink it.

Reply June 3, 2016

These are awesome tips =) Thanks for sharing! My home is never void of lemons. Everytime I drink it in the morning, I'm instantly energized.

Reply June 16, 2016

I have started my day utilising some of your tips......the lovely massage got my lymph system flowing. This post is a great reminder to nourish ourselves and speak positive affirmations. I am having a wonderful morning. Thank you Gratitude Butterfly!

    The Gratitude Butterfly
    Reply June 16, 2016

    I am so glad to hear you are having a beautiful morning Robyn! :)
    It is amazing how even the smallest things set us up to have an amazing day.
    Love + Gratitude to You!

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