I, like many people, have a truly beautiful love affair with food. But I know I get very distress to see and hear about food wastage and how many people around the world, are going to be hungry each night. Which is why I am please to introduce to you all this Beautiful Soul – Matt from Food For Change!

I came across Matt and Food For Change recently, and was truly inspired by their incredible philosophy and mission of alleviating food insecurity in Australia.    

Currently 1 in 10 Australians seek food relief annually and over 1/4 of these people are turned away.

With their Solution – GROW | RESCUE | SUPPORT – Food for Change, is helping to make a change in not only helping to feed Australians but also in supporting the food relief agencies (big and small) by helping provide the food and the space to grow that food, which can be then passed on to those who need it.

I know you are going to be just as inspired as me, so without further ado,

I would love you to meet Matt from Food For Change! ♥



Beautiful Souls Doing Beautiful Things Presents: 


Tell us a bit about You –

The Beautiful Soul behind Food For Change.

Always a hard question to answer. I’m a dad, partner and businessman who loves to travel and help people in anyway I can.



What was your inspiration for wanting to create Food For Change?

What is your mission?

I founded Food For Change in 2016 with two of the best people I know – Ron Pimm & Angela Lockyer. At the time I was in a fortunate & unfortunate position and it opened me up to the world of food insecurity. Being a father of a kid who loves his food I could not fathom what it must be like to suffer from food insecurity – let alone have to tell your kids there is no food.

Maybe naively I thought I could do something and came up with the concept of Growing food on unused farm land – doing it on a scale never done before. From here we grew the organisation and added in Food Rescue as well as providing Support to organisations who work in the food insecurity field.

Our mission is to alleviate food insecurity in Australia.



Food wastage is such a big problem, not only in Australia, but around the world.

What are some ways that we as the individual can make a change in stopping this?

I think awareness and education are the key. If you notice that you are wasting some food, then take the time to educate yourself on how you can reduce that – there are thousands of websites with great tips. The one we always mention to people is please use Beetroot leaves in your salad – they are better for you then spinach!



Australia produces enough food to feed over 60 million people a year, yet 1 in 6 Australians have experienced Food Insecurity in the last year​. With Australia’s current population sitting just under 25 million, how can this be so?

What can we as an individual and as a nation do to help prevent this stat from increasing any higher (and to ultimately reduce this stat?) 

Most of the food we produce is exported, with the food that is kept here we waste well over 8 million tonnes a year and that is not counting what gets wasted on farms!! Once again education is the key, but innovation will play a part. 



What you are doing is so awe-inspiring.

What or Who inspires you and why? 

I guess I draw inspiration from a few sources. Nature inspires me everyday and I always make a point to take some time to walk down by the beach most days or simply watch the sunrise from my balcony.  I’m inspired by people who believe in what they are doing and are committed 100% even when nobody else gets it. On a personal level, my amazing son and my incredible girlfriend inspire me to be the best person I can be.


What is a way that people or businesses can help support or get involved with Food For Change?

Funding is key for us – you can support by donating either money or supplies, buying our vegetable & herb seeds, purchasing wine through our partner Goodwill Wines or volunteering which helps keep our costs as low as possible!



Any advice for the other beautiful souls out there that have a positive uplifting idea or concept but may be at a loss/struggling on how to move their plans out of their heads and into reality?

Its a bit blunt, but – Pull the trigger and clean up the mess after. 

If you really believe in your idea or concept just go for it, if you had the idea, your smart enough to execute it – ideas don’t come to people who are not capable of implementing them. So go for it!




And finally: Please finish this sentence: 

Gratitude to me is… 


Practised Daily!




You can find more about Food for Change here: 



Facebook: Food For Change


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