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One of the biggest things we, as humans seek, is to fulfill our desire to feel connected. Some people outright crave it, while others have more an undercurrent pulse for it. Either way; being connected is a big part of our makeup as human beings. We all on one level want to be connected.

However how often is that desire satisfied?

How often do wake up in the morning feeling fully connected to your life?

To the people around you?

To yourself?
For some people, all the time; while for others, only sometimes. Then there are the people who feel so disconnected that they don’t even want to wake up in the morning. So why is it so hard these days to feel connected?

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In our 21st century, the knowledge of connecting through technology is easy for people to understand, as it is part of our everyday lives. We have social media, emails, phone calls, text messages etc.  Yet even though we are connected through these outlets every day, we still feel disconnected. When people come to me and I tell them the secret that we are all always connected with or without technology, many will respond by staring at me like I just told them I ate my yoga mat for dinner. But it is true! We are always connected. And I am not talking about Facebook here. To help answer your questions of how are we connected, we need to have a flashback to the 20th Century when Einstein famously said MC = E. Everything is energy, & energy is everything. So to put that into an easy way to understand; we are all connected through our being of the same substance, energy. Now with that said; the irony after all that is; you can never not be connected, it is impossible! What is happening is that you are just connecting to the wrong type of energy.

Imagine if you will, the Universe being made up like one radio signal, with you being the radio player. Now you may be a beach boom box or an inside surround sound; but either way; you are able to connect to the radio stations to blast your favourite tunes. Now let’s imagine you want to listen to Triple J while lounging outside in the Sunday sun one afternoon. You are fiddling with your radio, moving the dial to 107.5, eager to hear what music will be flowing out into your backyard that day. Alas! All you are getting is static – Harsh cold static. No stress, maybe you have missed it, or got the frequency number wrong. So you try again, only to have that cold static filling your yard. Well now, if you are anything like me; you lift your head up to the sky, growl – maybe even give the radio a quick hand slam to give it some motivation. Everything is looking good; power is running through the box and you have triple checked you are on the correct station. Yet the faithful radio is giving you nothing, Nada! It is all over red rover. But is it? Or are you about to kick yourself for missing something super obvious. The radio is currently set to AM.  Oh man, is this is a face palming moment. So you check around, to make sure no one is watching you and flip the switch to FM and… Volia! We have connection! Hear those sweet sweet Triple J tunes flowing through radio.

That is exactly like being connected in life. You want to connect, but the energy you are trying to connect to may be on a different frequency.

With so many different energies out there to connect with, no wonder people get confused! The trick I tell people who are feeling lost and unconnected, is learning how to truly connect to yourself. Once you have got that true connection, everything else can follow.

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Now if you are finding it hard to connect with the “true you” energy, it may just be because it is unfamiliar to you. Lost? You shouldn’t be. This happens to people all the time; so no stress! There are so many energy frequencies that we are connecting to on a daily basis, it can be hard to differ between them all! If you are thinking; Well with so many energy frequencies floating around; how on earth are you meant to find the connection you want? Don’t worry, I have a solution. This may sound corny, and uber cliché; but the best way I have found to connect, if you are having any trouble, is to be in nature. The reason being, you don’t have the same interference’s as you do when you are surrounded by things like Wi-Fi and TV signals. Things like that are constantly bombarding you with different energy frequencies, which can interfere with your own energy field. So take a moment and step away from it all. Go find yourself some nature to be in. Then turn off your phone/pager/laptop etc and leave it in your car. (Everyone can survive without you for half an hour!) Go and just be in nature. You don’t have to sit under a tree in the lotus position; in fact you don’t have to sit down at all. Feel free to do whatever you want. If you want to go for a walk; go for it! Plus for bonus points in connecting; if there are other people about; smile at them. A true smile is a great way to allow the true energy in you, to open up and connect with others & the Universe. If you want to take a nap in the sun on the grass; feel free. I am definitely guilty of dozing off in the sun at the Royal Botanical Gardens once or twice!

By stepping away from everyday hectic energies; you give your energy field a chance to clear itself through the calming, cleansing energies of Mother Nature. Just how trees exchange C02 for oxygen – helping to clean our air supply; the energies of nature can flush out your energy fields; helping you feel lighter, refreshed and most importantly… Connected!

So if you are feeling disconnected (even with the 100 likes on your latest Instagram pic, #Congrats!), my advice for you is to put away the electronics and get outside into the natural beauty of our world. Time for you be one of the people who are connected 24/7; because you deserve to be. It may be strange at first, but like all good things; practice makes perfect!

~ There is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better Connection!~


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Lisa Arcelia
Reply September 8, 2016

Ironic that I am reading this online and nodding my head in agreement! I spent way less time online in the past month. Have needed very much to reconnect with nature and be outside, walk around barefoot, and just sit in the daylight. Nature is so healing. A thoughtful and important post, thank you! :)

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