My Body Image and Self Love Journey

Hi Beautiful GratiDude Community, 

So one of my of my biggest stumbling blocks growing up was definitely my love/hate relationship with my body. I wanted to share this letter with you, about Self Love and Body Image, and my journey to discovering how to truly love and appreciate my body in all it is. 

Loving myself hasn’t always been easy. In the past I would look at myself in the mirror and be so full of anger at how I looked. I would cry and hate myself for how I looked. I still remember over-hearing two girls I went to school with, talking about me and saying “It’s so sad. She used to be so skinny.” Gosh that hit me right in the feels.. let me tell you!! 

Growing up I was someone who played lots of sport and was very athletic and slim. Then puberty hit and BAM ???? – Mother Nature decided I was to be an hour glass figure, with big hips / boobs. ???? Growing these girls required lots of fuel… I was so hungry… ALL THE TIME!  

These curves grew, along with the rest of my body, so Que the stretch marks and cellulite. Going shopping and standing in those change rooms (why do they always have the most unflattering lighting?!was a cocktail of self-loathing and tears. I would feel so sick, and fall deep into a depressive state, vowing to never eat again! 

This love-hate relationship with my body was on and off for years.

There wasn’t really a moment I can pinpoint that this relationship went from a negative one to a loving one, but it definitely happened and I am so happy with myself these days. Using Gratitude, became a major tool in learning to love my body, along with changing how I fuelled and moved my body.  I went from punishing my body to nourishing it. The biggest challenge I had was changing my thinking from seeing all the flaws (what I thought were flaws anyways) and re-training my mind to see the beauty and strength in my body. 

One of the first ways I started to do this was to say the affirmation: 

“I deeply and completely Love, Accept and Respect myself”

I would say this ALL THE TIME! I would say it when I woke up, before going to sleep, sitting in traffic, in the shower etc etc. To me this statement is about loving yourself… your WHOLE-SELF. It wasn’t just about loving my body, or just loving my personality: it was about loving the whole package – Mind, Body and Soul. This powerful thought began to rewire my thinking, and helped me start to view my body in a different way. It helped change it from the idea of my body being separate from my soul (the true divine essence of me), to my body being a beautiful temple that holds the magic that is me.

 ✨ These days I choose to love, nourish and move my body and mind daily. Every day I tune into her and her needs. There can still be the odd bad day, but there is so much love for myself, that these don’t last.  

 ~ I see beauty in others and the world around me. ~

These days I see the Beauty all around me. A beauty that is seen through Love, Kindness and Nurturing. To see the beauty inside & outside of others. To see beauty in the kindness of people. To see the beauty of Nature. To see the beauty of people from all across our world coming together in times of need with love and connection. ????????

I am truly thankful for the journey I have taken to get my to this space. I am thankful for all the tears, the changes and the roller-coaster that has brought me to this space of True Beauty. ✨???? 

If you are feeling disconnected from and trapped in self-hating with your body, know that you are not alone in this. I just want to say to you:

You are so beautiful inside and out. You are a beautiful being of Light, and your body is your powerhouse of life-force energy. Start small, forgive yourself for these feelings and take the first step in building a positive loving relationship with your body. Keep shining and know you are truly loved for ALL you are! x x x 


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