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Book Club Review

I do not know about you, but nothing brings me more joy than a cuppa in one hand and a good book in another! Books help us walk in the shoes of others, to experience the highs and lows of life and to explore the Universe and all it holds, without ever having to leave the couch. 

I am so excited to share with you a few of my favourites that are sitting on my bedside table this month. These four books are all part of the Hay House family.  All four books this week are non-fiction  and each one of them holds an inspiring and uplifting message.


The Year of Less ~ By Cait Flanders

I really had no idea what to expect with Cait’s book. The cover states: ‘how I stopped shopping, gave away my belongings, and discovered life is worth more than anything you can buy in a store.’  It is about Cait’s journey on moving away from mindless consumerism, and taking responsibility for not only her spending and buying, but her whole life. Cait is very honest and raw in her story, not shying away from her failures and mistakes on her journey. This is not a how-do book, but rather a story that inspires its reader to evaluate their own mentality towards mindless consumerism in our daily life. 

I was really hooked into ‘The Year of Less’ from the get go. I felt really connected to Cait, and could see myself in her and her journey. A beautiful must-read. 


You are Enough ~ By Cassie Mendoza-Jones 

I have had Cassie’s book sitting by my bed for a while, on my to-read list, but just didn’t seem to be in the right mindset to pick it up. I believe we are given exactly what we need to see (or read) when the time is right. Then a few weeks ago, ‘You are Enough’ kept coming into my head. I knew it was the right time for me to read Cassie’s message. 

I had seen Cassie last year at the 2017 Hay House Writers Workshop in Sydney, and I was very inspired by her talk, so I was pleased when I received the same positive and honest energy in her book. With the books intro stating: ‘How to elevate your thoughts, align your energy and get out of comparison trap’, I knew I was in for some real ‘soul searching’ during the pages of the book. 

When reading ‘You are Enough’, have a pen and paper near by, because you will be wanting to take notes of inspiration that come through! 


Do More, Be Less ~ By Martina Sheehan & Susan Pearse 

How often have your heard someone (or yourself), say: “Oh I am just so busy”. All of us right. (me included!)   Why do we say this line as if it validates us in a way that makes us running around like a headless chicken seem like a badge of honour? Constantly running on adrenaline, inhaling coffee like it is oxygen and not having time for yourself is not glamorous or healthy. Yes we might be getting things done, but at what cost?? 

Reading ‘Do Less, Be More’ was a real eye-opener. When reading this book, you need to have a pen handy, as the book has 21 simple exercises for you to do throughout . In this busy lifestyle so many of us have, this book makes you slow down and see how much this “busy-ness” is effecting you and your life. 

I loved the message that Martina and Susan share in this week is: Sometimes the more we slow down and do less… the more of life you can actually live! A fantastic book – and one that everyone who wears a “I’m so busy” badge should read! 


It’s All Good ~ By Cassie Mendoza-Jones 

So this month I actually had a second book by Cassie on my bedside table. This one is about learning how to trust and surrender over to the bigger plan. ‘It’s All Good’ helps us to see where we might be letting our memories of the past and our projections of our future hold us back in actually living in the now. Cassie’s message of ‘we are always supported, even when it might not feel like it’, is a beautiful, and one that I really connected to.  This book is full of inspiring quotes, affirmations and examples on how to let go of our expectations and let ourselves trust in our own journey’s. To surrender and trust that we are supported in all we are and all we do: past, present and future. A very helpful and inspiring read. 


For more information on these books, click HERE head to the Hay House website today! 


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If you have any book recommendations you think I would like, fiction or non-fiction, please comment below!  

Happy Reading! 




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