Connect to your True Self with 10 Affirmations

Do you feel that you are not one with the True You? Are you feeling a bit lost and disconnected from yourself and the world around you? With our busy lifestyles, unwholesome foods and major technology influences on our minds and bodies – it is no wonder we are feeling disconnected. The good news is: You can easily reverse this and become fully connected to your True Self and the world around you. However there is no quick fix. To become truly connected to your True Self takes time. Here are some ways to help you connect to your True Self with tips with Diet, Lifestyle, Gratitude and Affirmations.

The number one thing to start the reverse process and to reconnect to your True Self – is to take responsibility for your situation. Taking responsibility for your life is so powerful and it takes you away from being the victim of life to being truly empowered and in charge of your life.  The blame game gets you no where and takes from your personal power. So please – do not even bother with that one!

 Next step in connecting to your True Self is to forgive yourself. What is done is done. Do as the Disney song says and ‘Let it Go’. Let go of any guilt, frustration, hurt etc and surrender it over to the Universe to be neutralised and released. Take time to ground yourself and just breathe.

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Up next in reconnecting to your True Self – time to evaluate your Diet. You know deep in your heart if what you are eating (or not eating) is really nourishing your body. Food is our fuel, and our body is our home. Just like an actual house – if you do not clean and look after it; it will decay, build up dirt and mold, and eventually start to fall apart. Some tips for helping with you diet are: Eat the rainbow, eat wholesome foods that are in season, do not eat on the run – but instead create a beautiful ritual of time to enjoy your meals, and be involved with your food (discover the joy of cooking for those you love – {this includes yourself!}).

Next in recreating the connection to your True Self –  it is time to review your LifestyleOur lifestyles have a huge effect on determining if we are connected to our true selves or not. Are you rushing through life mindlessly – caught up in the rat race of the world? Make and list and take a look at your priorities.  Are you even in the top 5?  Top 10? Did you even make the list? When we are one with our True Self – life is a joy. We understand that we need to take time to smell the roses and enjoy the little things in life. (and the medium and the big!) Do you take time to nourish your Mind, Body and Soul? If not – it is time. Check out our post all about Nourishing your Mind, Body and Soul HERE and get the ball rolling in learning to truly love yourself.

Up next – Gratitude and Your True Self. Gratitude is such a powerful tool to have in connecting with your True Self. When we are grateful we are tuning into a very high vibrational energy flow, that connects us with our True Self and the World around us; with Love, Light, Ease and Grace. Every time we are thankful we are connecting through our True Self and sharing our Light and Love with the Universe. Gratitude opens up our heart, mind and soul to receive and give love, to be accepting of others and to ground us to the Earth. For some Gratitude inspiration: Check out our post on the A-Z of Gratitude HERE. 

And last – but not least – 10 Affirmations to Connect with your True Self. Affirmations are so easy and powerful to use. We are training our minds through daily repetition and positive encouragement – to connect to our True Self. Say these 10 Affirmations everyday and watch as the connection between you and your True Self opens up. True Self - The Gratitude Butterfly

◊ I deeply and completely love, accept and respect myself always. ◊

◊ I allow all I desire to flow to me with Love, Abundance, Joy, Ease and Grace. ◊

◊ I allow change with Love, Light, Ease and Grace. ◊

◊ I am a Beautiful Being of Sovereign Light. I shine brightly and share my Light with the World. ◊

◊ I am grounded firmly and deeply to Mother Earth. I am nourished, nurtured, healed, blessed, loved and supported. I send Love, Care and Respect to the earth and all on her. ◊

◊ I am connected and one with Divine Source Energy of the True Universe. I am guided, cared for and loved every day by my True Self. ◊

◊ Every day I speak my Divine Truth and I am supported and loved by the Universe and all in it. ◊

◊ Every day I feel supported and loved by the Universe and all in it. ◊

◊ I send love and gratitude to the world and it is returned to me multiplied. ◊

◊ I deny access to my being in all time and space to all low vibrations, and I call my Sovereign power back with Love, Light, Ease and Grace. ◊

May the Sun shine in through your Spirit,

May your Spirit shine out like the Sun.

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Eileen Burns
Reply October 18, 2016

Lovely Blog I also think it is so important to tap into that part the true self that never changes that is never distorted with thoughts or experiences, I have retweeted :-)

Amber-Lee Schneider
Reply October 20, 2016

Totally love it girl-friend! I am all about the chakra healing so this is right up my ally! Keep up the amazing work, your blog is great!!

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