There are many amazing ways to live life with a grateful heart. This interview series ‘My Grateful Life’ explores the lives of people from all over the world who are incorporating an attitude of gratitude into their daily life.  We all have our own way of doing things, and practising Gratitude is no different. I have been so inspired by their stories and the tools and tricks they use for living life with a positive mindset and daily gratitude.

So without further ado, I am honoured to introduce you to…


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am Ed! I am 26 years old, Live in beautiful Melbourne. Day to day I see chocolate for
Mondelez International/Cadbury. Outside of work, I sit down with people and talk to them
about the places/people/values/experiences that lead them to who they are today!


What does gratitude mean to you?

It means true and deep appreciation for what you have and being able to find
contentment in the present moment. 


Does Gratitude come easily to you? What problems/issues do you find can block you from expressing/feeling Gratitude?

No, not at all! I try to be grateful but I find my ambition blocks me! I am always looking
ahead, what to do next, what the smart move is, always looking forward! And as I said before I
think gratitude is presence of mind right now.


What is a story of a blessing in your life you can share with us?

My greatest blessing in life came from a very difficult time in my life. 2 years ago I had to
unfortunately end a relationship (mutually) due to Visas not working out, got told my parents
may split up and my grandma was dying and I wouldn’t make it home in time to send her off! All
in the space of 4 days!
That lead me down a fairly dark path but I managed to find my passion and calling in life
which is Moments of Meaning! I never would have found that without the dark period in my life.


Do you have any go-to trip or tricks to help you practise an attitude of Gratitude?

The one that I find falling back on time and time again is just stopping, taking a big
breath until my belly and chest is stretched, letting it all out slowly, holding my head up high (you’d be amazed at how body language affects mindset) and then I list in my head 5 good things that have happened in the last 24 hours and be actively grateful for them!

That never fails to put a smile on my face!

Ed (middle) and his brothers

Quick Quizzy

(to help us get to know you better!)


1. Are you a Morning person or a Night Owl?

Both! I wake up early and stay up late but I also nap in the middle of the day, almost every day!

2. What is your go to exercise style/routine?

Weightlifting and Yoga! One to practice strength of body, the other to practice strength of mind!

3. What was the last amazing book you read that you just need to share with all of us??

Homo Deus by Juval Noah Harai! The best book ever! It’s about human kind and our history but
also how bright the future is looking for us!

4. What feeds your soul and makes you happy on a daily basis?

Moments of Meaning!

5. Number one beauty tip/ what beauty products would we find in your make up bag?

I never, ever go anywhere without my Urbane Mess Grooming Wax. It’s the only thing that gets
my hair the way i like it. 

6. It is your last meal on earth: What do you choose? (don’t forget dessert!)

I will never, ever turn down a piece of cheesecake and for the main meal… I think, Sushi! 

7. Where are we likely to find you on the weekend?

Running around Melbourne with a camera on my shoulder!

8. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done, that you can laugh back upon now?

Hmmm, I would have to say getting into a fender bender with my girlfriend at the time’s father
in the car, right after I was talking about being a safe driver.

9. You have a whole day to just lie on the couch (or bed) with endless popcorn, what is your go-to Binge watch pleasure?


10. Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer? Why?

Spring! Not too hot, not too cool! Autumn is so cold in Melbourne!

11. Best piece of advice you have been given/or learned?

“Do what you have to do when you have to do it and there will come a day when you can do
what you want to do when you want to do it” Thanks Dad! (I didn’t enjoy hearing this at all
when I was a kid!)


To Finish please finish this sentence:

I am Beautifully Grateful for…

The opportunities and blessings I am presented with every day. Whether they be in the form of a negative experience or a positive.



You can find more about the Ed by heading to his:

Website: Moments-of-meaning.com

Instagram: @moments.of.meaning

Youtube: Moments Of Meaning


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