How to connect to your Inner Soulmate

They looked into each others eyes and the world stopped. They leaned in, inch by inch till their lips finally met in blissful union and the whole of the cosmos rejoiced in these two souls finding their divine mate. The moon and sun danced their magical waltz across the star lit stage of the sky and every one lived happily ever after.

Classic Fairy tale moment isn’t it… and one many people want for themselves. Because hey, who wouldn’t want to live happily ever after with their soul mate? My hand is definitely raised (okay both hands!) Now I don’t know about you, but I am missing something in this beautiful scenario. Yes, the ‘oh-so-important’ significant other. I am in no way whining about this by the way; because I know my beautiful soul mate is currently on their way to me, which is very exciting. So while I am waiting for our paths to (finally!) connect, I am creating this beautiful fairy tale scenario with my inner soul mate.

WAIT, hang on…Inner soulmate? What on earth is an “inner soulmate”?  I am SO glad you asked! Let me explain.

Your inner soul mate, in a nutshell is YOU! It is the inner you. The true you! It is your soul, your life essence, the true beauty that is your gorgeous self. Now, you will not be locking lips with this soul mate, however the cosmos will still rejoice and party hard when you connect to it. Because the truth is; so many people have lost this connection and this is a very sad thing; for them and the cosmos. Not sure if you and your inner soul mate are connected in a truly beautiful union of blissful love? Well read on and lets find out!

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Lets compare two different scenarios. The first with the inner soulmate connection lost, and the second with the connection beautifully flourishing.

1. Lost Connection with Inner Soulmate 

When you wake up in the morning, you eat grumpiness on toast for breakfast washed down with a glass of ‘why me’ juice. You push through the day with feelings of being disconnected, unsupported  and unloved and just want the day to be over so you can lay on the couch and let your mind be switched off when you turn the TV on. Your joys in life are things you know are not good for you; but you have them anyway. When you are at your happiest is when you are being fed joy; through TV, social media, eating junk food or through the love of someone else*. Gratitude is a foreign concept to you, and your mindset in all about you.


2. Flourishing Connection with Inner Soulmate 

When you wake up in the morning, you smile. Doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside, because you are feeling joyful. Your breakfast is nourishing and always with a side of love. No matter what you do throughout the day, you are happy. You take time to connect to those around you and to the earth. You reflect the days beauty and take everything in your stride. You are content in each moment and feel supported, loved and cared for always. You go to bed satisfied and happy, excited to see what tomorrow will bring. Gratitude is a daily practice, and your mindset is balanced between caring for you, caring for others and caring for the world around you.

Which one did you fit into? Were you more scenario one or scenario two? If you were the second one, AWESOME! You are connected to your inner soulmate. Congratulations. (but of course, you already knew that didn’t you!)

If you felt you were more scenario one; all sweet. Now we know, and now we can change this so you are connected to your inner soulmate.

So if you were in scenario one, lets know work on re-connecting to your inner soulmate.

There are a many ways to help connect to your true self – your inner soulmate.

Here is a few to help get you started.The Gratitude Butterfly Soul Mate

  1. Meditation. – This is one of the fastest ways to connected truly to your inner soulmate. If you find it hard to mediate – check out some of the amazing guided meditations about connecting to your inner self on Youtube.
  2. Ask yourself the question: ‘What do I truly love?’ –  This is about connecting to all the things that bring you true joy. When you connect to these; your inner soulmate will start singing and dancing with joy. Because this joy is literally food for your soul. #soulfood
  3. Find a way to give back to the world around you. – When you are helping those around you, it is like a doorway opens and your inner soulmate jumps into the driving seat with you, because it loves the direction you are taking. It is like the feeling of freedom and adventure you get on a road trip with your friends. You never know where you will discover along the way, but you do know there is more love and support bouncing around between those car doors than on an Oprah Winfrey show.

Try some of these out, along with daily Gratitude (click here for some daily gratitude inspiration!) and watch as you and your inner soulmate beautifully re-connect. So go forth and live happily ever after with a flourishing fairy tale love story featuring – You and your Inner Soulmate!

♥  ♥  ♥

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*Receiving love from someone else is fantastic; just make sure it isn’t the only way you receive love. Remember to give love to yourself too!  xox

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