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We hear so much about practising ‘Self Care’, and how important it is in our daily life. However when I am feel down or sick, it can be hard to find the energy to practise self care. All I want to do is lie in bed and binge watch Netflix. There is nothing wrong with this, and sometimes this is exactly what I need. And sometimes I need something more. So I created myself a little ‘Self Care’ kit that I can pull out when I need it. When something is already made up, it is so much easier to actually take time to practise self care, because all I need it right in front of me, ready to go. 

When creating my ‘Self Care’ kit, I made a list of all the things I love and that make me feel good. From this list, I then designed a little emergency self care box that I can now pull out whenever I need it. 

Below is a few things that make up my ‘Self Care’ kit. These are things that bring me joy, re-balance me and help uplift my mind, body and spirit.  Sometimes I add something new in, or take something out if I find that it is no longer helping me in the way I would like it to. 



Self Care Kit Item 1: 

Incense / Candle 

For me, the light of a candle is so calming yet refuelling (not sure if that is because I am an Aries fire sign or what). I love scented candles, and always use the ones I buy locally at markets. 

Incense is always my go-to for helping to cleanse the air and my energy. I will sometimes use a smudge stick for this also. I open the windows and let the smoke float away, taking with it all the state old negative energy. 


Self Care Kit Item 2: 

Bath Salts / Magnesium Flakes 

Did you know that magnesium plays a big role in the development of serotonin, which is a major contributor to feelings of happiness? Well it does! A lot of people are magnesium deficient but find it hard to boost their levels through food/supplements. A great way to help you increase your magnesium levels, is by having a magnesium bath. The hot water of the bath helps you to absorb the magnesium flakes through your skin, so you don’t even realise it is happening! You can just sit back and relax in your beautiful bath. (make sure you check in with your local health care practitioner if you feel you may be deficient!) 

Also I love beautiful bath salts/scrubs and bath bombs to help in my self care. Our skin is our largest organ, so I always go for organic, natural ingredients when choosing bath products! Some of my favourites are: anything from Byron Bath Organics – but especially their Rose Romance Bath Tea! (find it HERE.) and the Full Moon Soak by New Moon Blends. (find it HERE


Self Care Kit Item 3: 

A Sweet Treat 

Let’s be honest, when we need some self care, sometimes all we need is a little sweetness in our lives. I don’t know about you, but I am a huge chocolate fan. So in my ‘Self Care’ kit, I always have a block (or two!) of my favourite chocolate. My current favourites are the ‘Lindt 90% dark chocolate’ – which I only eat a square at a time, and often dip it into my cup of tea. (this makes it extra delicious as it is melted slightly). My other go to is anything from the ‘Loving Earth’ or ‘Pana Chocolate’ ranges. Delicious!! 


Self Care Kit Item 4: 

A Cup of Tea

“When your day seems topsy turvy and as stormy as can be, there’s nothing quite as tranquil as a nice hot cup of tea.” 

I have always adored this quote, and agree completely! When I am stressed or feeling like I need some ‘Self Care’, then a nice cup of tea is my go-to. The ritual of making a cup of tea is so calming, and there is nothing as divine as when that first sip of hot tea hits your lips. Here are a few of my top favourites. 

  1. Green Tea with lemon
  2. Brahmi Tulsi Tea. 
  3. Chamomile Tea. 
  4. Violet Tea. 
  5. Lemongrass and Ginger Tea. 


Self Care Kit Item 5: 

A Good Book

There is something so magical about getting lost in a good book. Depending on how I feel, I have a few different books I will reach for. If I am feeling like I need some excitement I will go for one of a my much loved adventure novels. If I am wanting to feel inspired and explore myself, I will go for an empowering self help book. (you can check out some of my favourites of these here.) Other times I am more interested in just being inspired by pictures, so I will go for my favourite fashion illustralion art books. There is always so much choice to match what am I needing in my ‘Self Care’. 


These are just a few things in my ‘Self Care’ kit. Just a bunch of things that make me feel better.

What is in yours? 

Em x x x

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