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Did you grow up saying Grace before a meal? Did you ever say it at camp, or have your Grandparents say it when they came for tea? Maybe you have only ever seen it done in movies and wondered what it is all about.

When I was little, I would always say Grace with my family before a meal. It varied in how it was said; Sometimes it was a prayer and other times it was a song about Superman. Whatever the Grace was, it was always about being thankful for the food before me. Back when I was younger I never quite got what the point of saying Grace was before a meal. I mean, when you are little, and there is delicious food before you, all you want is to tuck in… and then have Dessert!





For a while I forgot about saying Grace. I would just tuck straight into my food. Especially as a teenager – I would just want to stuff my face. (I swear I was hungry all the time, damn those crazy raging teen hormones!) Now, after putting a few years between me and m y teenager self, I try say Grace before every meal. Why? Well it started off that I just liked the sentiment of it all – Saying something positive before eating. Then I started to learn about energy vibrations and I saw just how amazing and life changing saying ‘Thanks’ before a meal is for your food and your body, mind and soul.

We know that everything is energy. I.E. We are energy and so is our food. We also know that our thoughts can change the vibrational energy of a situation or thing. So why not our food?

Now most people don’t grow 100% of the food they consume. Heck many don’t grow any of their own food. We live in a modern world where we have bigger houses and smaller/no yards. So we buy it. We go to Supermarkets, Farmers Markets, Cafes, Restaurants and Take-away joints. Through these we can get delicious food from all corners of the Globe. It is actually truly amazing the produce you can buy these days.

But that is the point. It all is coming from somewhere else. It travels on many an adventure to get to your plate. By the time you sit down to your meal, who knows what your food has seen, been & done. All the energetic baggage that it has accumulated along the way that is now slipping over your tongue and into your body.

Let’s take an apple bought from a supermarket as an example. It has quite a journey before it gets to your mouth. It grows on a tree somewhere in the world, will be sprayed with many chemicals (unless it is certified organic) before it is picked and put into storage for up to 6-12 months. It is then shipped across seas and lands to get to the supermarket. When it finally gets out on the shelves, many people’s hands can touch the apple before you choose to buy it. With all the physical dirt it has covering it, we usually give the skin a wash before eating it (or maybe you peel it). So the physical body might be looking ok with the apple, but what about that negative energetic dirt it has accumulated? That is when a grace of thanks can come in.

By Saying grace we are cleaning out the negative dirt crap that has built up within it. The best part of saying Grace is – you don’t actually have to know what you are cleansing out of the food/drink. By saying the grace – you are neutralizing and releasing the crap out and blessing in positive vibes of gratitude and love! How easy and perfect is that?! Plus it is simple to do, and can be as long or as short as you like. Sometimes when I don’t have time to do a big grace – or am only eating/drinking something small; like that apple; I do a very simple Grace that I would like to share with you.

I say: “I thank you. I love you.”




BAM! Done! How crazy simple is that one. J It literally takes 3 seconds and in the time I      done so much. I have let the universe know I am grateful, I have removed negative energies  and I have blessed in positive ones.

 There are many Graces you can say from all around the world. So check them out and let  those beautiful grace juices flow!

❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀










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