There are many amazing ways to live life with a grateful heart. This interview series ‘My Grateful Life’ explores the lives of people from all over the world who are incorporating an attitude of gratitude into their daily life.  We all have our own way of doing things, and practising Gratitude is no different. I have been so inspired by their stories and the tools and tricks they use for living life with a positive mindset and daily gratitude.

So without further ado, I am honoured to introduce you to…


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Shanny Kiss from The Mind Body Spirit Tribe. I am a teacher of the light, speaker, blogger, tarot reader, herbalist, energy worker and student of this amazing thing we call life.
I guide beautiful, passionate, soul deep women into a bigger, happier, purpose filled life.
I teach and guide into deepening the connection with the Divine and to awaken the badass, intuitive, Spiritual Goddess within.
I’m all about showing up in life as the best version of myself.  I’m also all about having faith in a higher power, so no matter what is going on externally, my internal world cannot be shaken.


What does gratitude mean to you?

Gratitude for me is about seeing the magic and beauty in everything around me. We often are so consumed reaching for the next big thing in life that we forget to see how many blessings we already have. Even when hard times roll around, look for the blessing, What are you being shown?


Does Gratitude come easily to you? What problems/issues do you find can block you from expressing/feeling Gratitude?

I’ve practised gratitude for so long that it’s my natural reaction most of the time. I’m definitely not perfect tho! It’s become a habit but I did have to train myself and I had the help of a teacher and I was super committed to my practise. There was a time I was really negative for sure tho! For most people I think the main block from gratitude is living with a victim mentality – ‘ why me, this isn’t fair, I didn’t want this to happen, this always happen to me ‘. What you could say instead is

Ok God, you’re taking me on a detour. I am not sure whats happening but I trust you and I trust I am becoming and even better version of me through this’.


What is a story of a blessing in your life you can share with us?

Ohhhh that’s a tough one. Probably a really abusive and toxic relationship I was in for many years. Without him and our relationship I wouldn’t have spent the last 10 years connecting with myself and taking this deeply fulfilling journey I’ve been on. I let that experience make me a better person.


Do you have any go-to trip or tricks to help you practise an attitude of Gratitude?

My tip is to simply do it. No matter how angry you are or how tired you are finds 3 things to be grateful for. This instantly switches your frequency and puts you in a stare of love instead of fear. It also begins a reprogramming of the way you operate and the more often you practice gratitude in any moment, the more you will naturally act from this frequency.


Quick Quizzy

(to help us get to know you better!)


1. Are you a Morning person or a Night Owl?

I think I change with the seasons but I definitely and my most focused and creative in the evening.

2. What is your go to exercise style/routine?

Having been heavily involved in weight lifting in my past, I’m much more relaxed these days. I love a nice walk, some stretching and a short weight session. I tend to ask my body what it feels like doing each day. 

3. What was the last amazing book you read that you just need to share with all of us??

I LOVE reading. My last book was called The Rules of Magic. It was the prequel to Practical Magic. I loved it!

4. What feeds your soul and makes you happy on a daily basis?

Praying, having my feet on the earth and being able to share kindness. I think it’s so cool social media can be used as a tool to share love and kindness instead of judgement and insecurity.

5. Number one beauty tip/ what beauty products would we find in your make up bag?

Coconut oil!

6. It is your last meal on earth: What do you choose? (don’t forget dessert!)

Tough one! Probably a pizza and a bee sting cake.

7. Where are we likely to find you on the weekend?

I’m super chilled so you would find me at home chilling alone to recharge , at the beach or at my local cafe having laughs and chats with my friends.

8. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done, that you can laugh back upon now?

Probably the time I accidentally went live on Instagram to 100K followers with no pants on!!!!!!

9. You have a whole day to just lie on the couch (or bed) with endless popcorn, what is your go-to Binge watch pleasure?

Modern Family or Real House Wives of Atlanta. Those women kick off!

10. Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer? Why?

 Ohhhh another tough one. Summer for sure. I’m a beach girl. I grew up on the Gold Coast and now live in Bali but it’s occasionally nice to get rugged up in the cold as well.

11. Best piece of advice you have been given/or learned?

During a break up my coach said “Don’t compare your inside to someones outside”. Meaning just because you feel sad and they look happy in photos doesn’t mean they are. It released so much pain and anxiety in that moment for me.


To Finish please finish this sentence:

I am Beautifully Grateful for…

Having an able body that allows me to walk and move freely each day.



You can find more about the beautiful Shanny by heading to her:


Instagram:  @the_mind_body_spirit_tribe

Twitter: @shannykiss11


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Em is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Blogger, Writer, Speaker and Positive Living Guru. Em is passionate about inspiring people to live their life to their highest potential with a foundation in Happiness, Health and Gratitude. Join her beautiful GratiDude tribe for daily tips and inspiration. Her mission is to inspire people all over the world to live a life that is overflowing with Love, Wellbeing and Gratitude.


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