The Magic of Christmas

It is finally here, my favourite time of the year – Christmas! The temperature is rising, your social calendar is overflowing, (as is your glass of Christmas cheer!), and Hallmark brings in 90% of its yearly profits. The summer storms hit, decorations go up and there are carols by candlelight in the local parks. There are ‘Santa Please Stop Here’ signs, Christmas trees all aglow; and your electricity bill goes through the roof.  Oh it truly is a fabulous season to be jolly!

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Christmas, like all things these days, is not without its controversy. People have so many different views and opinions on the topic of Christmas. You want to start a heated debate? Set the topic as: Christmas – ‘A Good or Bad time of year?’ People from all walks of life, from here to Timbuctoo will have their penny’s worth to contribute. I can hear the arguments now. “Christmas is so consumer based the true meaning of Christmas has been lost” (vs) “I just love the Christmas bargains!” “Christmas is a time for friends and family” (vs) “All my family does is fight when we get together!” “So many innocent animals are killed for people to stuff their faces” (vs) “Mmmmm Christmas Turkey.” There will be religious arguments and even the ever pending moral question of re-gifting presents. But what of the question of Christmas magic? What is it about this time of year, that has everyone smiling and digging deep to help their friends, neighbours and that stray dog that hangs out down by the post office? Well let’s find out.

Take a trip down Christmas memory lane. Do you remember when you were little,  how exciting Christmas was? Magic was floating in the air and the countdown till  Santa’s visit was almost unbearable. You may have had an advent calendar, and  unless you were very disciplined (bravo if this was you) the chocolate would all have  been eaten by Dec 2nd and you would have had to sneakily close the advent doors to  ensure your mum didn’t find out you had scoffed the lot! Were you part of a church  Christmas play; possibly as an Angel or a Wise Man? Or a school end of year  concert, with tinsel hanging from your wrists, singing ‘Santa’s wearing shorts’ while  your parents cheered from the audience? Where ever you looked, from Christmas  tree lights doing their hypnotic dance to the cheekily smiling gingerbread people  sitting on your plate, magic was in the air.

Now I want you to connect with how Christmas makes you feel now-a-days. I am hearing – busy, broke and the big S-word… Stressed! Feelings that I am sure were not what used to come to come to mind when you were younger. And yes, I understand that as you get older, the role you play at this time of the year changes, as does your perception of Christmas time. What is that old saying? First you believe in Santa, then you are Santa, then you look like Santa. When you are younger, your only concern on Christmas day is which presents you should open first! But as you get older, your responsibilities at Christmas change. You find yourself in the role of Christmas magician, helping to create the perfect magical day: ensuring there are enough bon bons at the dinner table, a plump roast turkey is cooking in the oven, and that Santa has enjoyed his cookies and beer. However, magicians know how to conjure all the smoke and tricks. For them, it is all about pulling off the illusion for the eager audience. Yet even in the role of magician, it is hard not to get swept up in the joy and excitement coming from your captive audience.

I may not go to church on Sundays, but I love hearing the story of the first Christmas;      how God sent his son, Jesus, to earth, to show us his love. (Also, when I say God, you  can call it what you wish; God, Source Energy, The Divine. It is all energy in its highest  purest form, Love.) I see Christmas as a time when the Universe sent us a gift to lift up  our vibrations and remind us all that we are all connected and cared for. When the  Christmas season comes around, it is a time to remember to be thankful and know that  the Universe loves us. Christmas gives us the opportunity, every year, to have millions  of people around the world focusing on love, joy and peace. Can you imagine what this  will be doing for our world every year? It is giving the Earth’s energy a yearly flush; c  clearing out the negative vibes and replacing with what sounds like a Miss Universe  speech; Joy, Love and World Peace. Amazing! And if any of you are thinking, “Well is it actually doing any good? It is only a small amount of time out of a whole year,” then don’t worry. I questioned it myself while writing this. To answer this question, I would like you to take a second and imagine what our world’s energy might be like if we hadn’t had this time every year for the past 2000 years?  Imagine if we had not had the yearly energy cleanse and uplift; what kind of world would it be today?

So whatever your view about Christmas is; this year, I want you to take a step back and connect to the Joyful energy that is floating around the world at this time of year. You are your own gift to the world, and this is the perfect season to share that with all. The New Year is just round the corner – why not help boost the world’s already joyful energy through the roof! As a collective we can work together to keep our world’s energy vibration at an all-time high as it flows into 2015. Together, as a group, we can ride this amazing wave of positive energy all through the New Year and beyond.

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Vibe!


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