Feeling a little lost as to what to feel grateful for this week or just need some general inspiration? Well have no fear – the Gratitude Butterfly is here! Below is this weeks top 10 things to show your thanks for. ♥ #beautifullygrateful

Cake –  Need we say more? Cake is delicious! I am thankful. 

Time for Self Nourishment – When life becomes busy, looking after ourselves can fall into the ‘maybe later’ pile. So when we find the moment to have some me-time, it feels so good! To take that relaxing bath, a yoga class, or even just a cup of tea outside among nature with that magazine you have been saving. (For some tip and ideas on Self-Nourishment read my previous post ‘Nourishing your Mind, Body and Soul‘.)  I am thankful. 

Choice – To have choice in our life is beautiful. There are many people all around the world you do not have a choice, in what they wear, or who they marry. That I am able to make these choices for myself, that is pretty amazing.  I am thankful. 

The Seasons – The four seasons – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. They are all so unique and help shape our world every year. To have a fun time at the beach on a summers day, to watching the leaves change in autumn, to rugging up by the fire in winter, to seeing the new flowers bloom in spring.  I am thankful. 

The Night Sky – When the sun sets, and the moon and stars come out to play, it is truly beautiful to gaze up at and connect to our infinity. To know that all your ancestors and your decedents  are looking at this moon, just in another time and place. I am thankful. 

Holidays – There is nothing more exciting then having a holiday to look forward to. Whether it is a special day, such as a national or a religious holiday, or a longer trip you are taking; holidays are amazing. You keep looking at the count-down, there is always last minute packing or grocery shops, and the last day of work before the event – best feeling when you walk out that door at the end of the day!  I am thankful. 

The Weekend  – Unless you are a weekend worker – Saturday and Sunday are in most peoples opinion, the best two days of the week. They are all about freedom, seeing friends and family, and enjoying yourself. (lets just not mention all the things we need to do, like washing and cleaning etc, that need to be done by monday – they can happen in a panic on sunday night…)  But the weekend…  I am thankful. 

Being Organised – The feeling of having everything in its place, and all you need to do being done with a big check because you planned it out beforehand.   I am thankful. 

Encouragement and Compliments – Both are amazing to receive and to give. When you see a person light up because of the positive encouragement you have given them or the smile on their face when you compliment them. Or how about when you are on the receiving end of this, how it fills you with a warm happy feeling that, even hours later, when you rethink of the words said to you, brings a big smile to your face.   I am thankful. 


Smiles – ‘Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love’ ~ Mother Teresa. Smiles are a universal language. They say so much without having said anything. If someone is without a smile, why not share yours – they are contagious after all!   I am thankful.  

♥ ♥ ♥

Remember to let us know what you are Grateful for this week in the comments!


The more Grateful I am

The more Beauty I see. 

The Gratitude Butterfly
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Erika Ravnsborg
Reply February 14, 2017

You have a beautiful blog here. I love your Time for Nourishment. Yoga and Tea in nature. So perfect. I will come here more often.

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