Feeling a little lost as to what to feel grateful for this week or just need some general inspiration? Well have no fear – the Gratitude Butterfly is here! Below is this weeks top 10 things to show your thanks for. ♥ #beautifullygrateful

Being Positive / Around positive people–  Just like the old saying goes, surround yourself with people who raise you up, not bring you down. Positive energy is contagious, so being around these people is awesome, because you can just feel their good energy lifting you up. I am thankful. 

Helping lift someone up – Being the person who is able to help lift someone up from feeling down. There is such a gift and a beautiful place to be in.  I am thankful. 

Achieving goals – When you finally achieve those goals you have been working so hard towards. AMAZING!  I am thankful. 

Animals – Our animal friends. We are all part of this beautiful world together. Whether it is cuddling up to your dog, or hearing the birds singing their tune in the trees: they are an essential part of our ecosystem.  I am thankful. 

Sleeping –  That great feeling when you are drifting off to sleep, and you get into that warm floating sensation of dreamland.  I am thankful. 

Freedom – To be free to be ourselves. Our freedom to speak our truth. Our freedom to live our lives. We are free.  I am thankful. 

Driving – Put the music on, the windows down and drive off into the sunset.  I am thankful. 

Roller-blading – It is like ice skating, but you can do it all year round! So much fun!  I am thankful. 

Skiing – The cool air rushing past you, everything is a white blur. The adrenaline rush is so exciting, and then you get to the bottom, and jump on the lift to do it all again!   I am thankful. 


Snowboarding – Pretty much the same as above, but with a snowboard!  I am thankful.  

♥ ♥ ♥

 Remember to let us know what you are Grateful for this week in the comments!

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The Gratitude Butterfly
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