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A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a one day wellbeing retreat run by Joining Hands. Was such a fun day connecting with beautiful inspiring women from across Brisbane and beyond.

I was so excited and grateful to be invited to such an amazing event, but was also a bit nervous as I would know no one and it would be a huge day. But I thought to myself, this opportunity has come your way with Love, so why not dive in and experience all the day has to offer. Turns out that was great advice – and it was such a fabulous day, full of Love, Fun and Women Power!

Here is a peek into what an amazing day this was…

Our Schedule:

pressd juice

8.15am = Registration check-in with the lovely Joining Hands staff, then sit back and enjoy a delicious juice from Pressd and a snoop through my goodie bag.


9am – 10.15am = A Nia dance class and movement meditation with International, Award Winning Teacher/Trainer Sophie Marsh. WOW… I have never experienced a Nia dance class before. If you don’t know what Nia is: their website describes it as: “Inspired by the martial arts, dance arts & healing arts, Nia is a transformational movement & lifestyle practice anchored in body-centred awareness.” By the end I felt so connected to myself, so grounded, yet utterly exhausted!

10.15am – 10.45am = Morning tea and down time. Let me just say now, the food was ahhh-mazing! It was all organically delicious and provided by beautiful Di’anne of The Wholefood Farmacist. You can check her out here …. I seriously could not get enough of her bliss balls and apple crumble! (mouth-watering!)

10:45am – 12:15pm = After all the morning dancing and stuffing my face at morning tea (I am a big believer of Go Big or Go Home… haha) I was so glad that our next session was a mentally stimulating one and required sitting down on a comfy turquoise cushion. We had an interesting and inspiring talk by Katherine Maslen, a Naturopath/Nutritionist about Cleansing Your Body. I love hearing about how we have the power/ability to be in charge of our own wellbeing and healing of our mind and body.

12:15pm – 1.30pm = Lunch Time! After talking about how empowering it is to look after our bodies and how important it is to eat organic (for ourselves and the earth) we enjoyed a nutritious organic vegetarian lunch from beautiful The Wholefood Farmacist. The food was divine (the veggie pizza –drooling!) and was eaten out in the sun, beneath a gorgeous big tree with my lovely friend Meg (from Adventuring Home – check her out here, she is a gem!). Just before lunch break finished I was treated to a rejuvenating Reiki/Bowen Therapy treatment from the amazing founder of Joining Hands, Kylie Lowe. (AMAZING!)

1.30pm – 3pm = A session called: Move and Heal your body through the Nia 5 stages; lead by the divine Ann Boon. This was probably my favourite session, as we got to back to the start of our creation in the womb, and remember our stages of growing and moving.

3pm – 3.30pm = Afternoon tea – and the last tastes of the yumminess that is The Wholefood Farmacist.

3.30pm – 5pm = Our last activity for the day was a Nourishing Yin Yoga session run by Flex Hot Yoga. To be honest I did NOT like Yin yoga when we first started, but by the end, I was practically asleep I was so relaxed! (Hopefully I didn’t snore…)

To finish the day we all sat in a circle and had some last minute words of inspiration and love; a quick photo snap, then I was back in the car – off back to Byron Bay, feeling Grateful and Content for such a beautiful day-retreat.

After all the wonderful things that happened that day, there is one that truly has kept the smile on my face since attending.

By coming to this retreat, we were supporting the wellbeing of homeless young women. For every lady that attended; 1 vulnerable young person will now be able to access a 1 day wellbeing retreat run by Joining Hands later in the year. How amazing is that!


Joining Hands is a social enterprise. We exist to provide access to health and wellbeing services for homeless and vulnerable young people, connecting everyone through wellbeing and inspiring change through community GiveBack.


You can check out Joining Hands and all the beautiful things they are doing here.


With Love + Gratitude,

Em –  The Gratitude Butterfly

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